About Us


Madson is built on the tried-and-true promise of delivering premium products at an affordable price.

It all started a couple of years ago. After more than a decade of grinding, building brands from scratch for other people, we were left with nothing. With our backs against the wall, we were at a serious crossroads.

Our only option was to move forward and let bygones be gone.

Early into our new journey, we discovered a huge void in the market. The tried-and-true promise that “You get what you pay for,” had been lost.

This was especially true in the sunglass industry where large corporations dominate the market and primarily focus on artificially inflating prices for huge profits.

Madson made a commitment to right that wrong and breathe new life into a worn-out industry. We follow three plain-and-simple rules: Never sacrifice quality. Never sacrifice service. And deliver our products at an affordable price. 

Our inspiration is founded at the intersection of our California heritage and youth culture. Our roots are firmly planted in simple classic design.

We’ve grown organically and have been fortunate to be embraced by influential brand ambassadors and the finest specialty retailers on the west coast.

Through it all, we haven’t forgotten what got us here. We come to work every single day with a blue-collar determination and an unbreakable focus on making premium products that deliver the best value in the market, period.

To contact us, feel free to email us here.

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